Archbishop Kazimba condemns Gov’t decision to ban Social Media

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stephen Samuel Kazimba Mugalu has condemned government’s decision to switch off social media saying it is a vital medium used for many things.

The Archbishop made his remarks today during a press meeting at the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda. His remarks come following government’s decision to switch off social media yesterday afternoon. While addressing the country ahead of tomorrow’s polls, President Yoweri Museveni said the internet was switched off in retaliation to Facebook’s decision to close accounts of some National Resistance Movement-NRM supporters.

Archbishop Kazimba says social media is used by many people for different reasons and its being disabled leaves many people stranded.

As of today, social media such as Watsapp, Facebook, Twitter and even other application such as the Google Application store remain inaccessible across all most all mobile networks in the country.

During the same briefing other members of the council called upon security forces to maintain law and order in a humane way. 

Dr Joseph Ssewadda, of the Born Again Church and also a member of the council called upon the electoral commission to strive and conduct an election that will leave everyone happy. He also urged voters to avoid taking part in any acts of chaos that might attract the brunt force of security operatives.

Members of the council also called for a national dialogue following the elections. Sheik Shaban Ramathan Mubajje said that having such a dialogue is important after an election. He said while they failed to organize the first dialogue, they are determined to do so this time. 

 “In 2016 we saw it during and after the election when political candidates where we saw that people can easily come together and shake hands, smile and even chat peacefully and in a cordial manner. We failed to organize the first one due  to a number of issues but we are determined to organize one this time round,” he said. 


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