Bishop Kisembo says security made the electoral process unfair

The Bishop of Ruwenzori Diocese Reuben Kisembo has noted that security agencies in the country made the electoral process unfair.

In his statement dated January 11 ahead of the elections, Bishop Kisembo argues that whereas candidates of the ruling party, National Resistance Movement – NRM, at different levels were allowed to freely hold their campaign rallies, security personnel made it difficult for the opposition candidates to enjoy the same freedom.  

He says the opposition candidates including those vying for the presidency were tortured, harassed and blocked from holding campaigns in different districts in the country.  

“The scenario can be likened to a football match where you have members of one team playing freely and at large with another team whose members’ hands and feet are tied. Can a person in his or her right senses and with moral values call such a game free and fair?” Kisembo wonders.  

The Bishop adds that the security deployment at different scheduled campaign venues of opposition candidates also hurt them by scaring away their potential supporters.

“Organizing elections in this difficult era of Covid-19 pandemic has been a big challenge. The ruling party has used it as an excuse to stifle independent candidates and candidates of other political parties,” he adds.  

Kisembo, however, notes that despite the challenges and unlevelled ground, this election should allow Ugandans to go and vote for leaders of their choices.

He says electorate should not base on what the candidates have given them in terms of items but should vote politicians of good track record, who are incorruptible, hardworking, God-fearing and an advocate for the common good of all people.  

In his statement, Kisembo reminded Ugandans that in every race, there will always be a loser and winner and the losers should accept defeat and avoid engaging in or causing violence.  

“So, I urge all believers to pray to God in His wisdom to cause Ugandans this time round to elect from a multitude of aspirants people of integrity who will serve for the good of all people of God,” Bishop Kisembo says.  

Bishop Robert Muhiirwa of Fort Portal Catholic Diocese called upon security agencies to stop using excessive force while enforcing the laws.

The two clergymen have always come out to speak about politics and issues of national concern whenever they surface.

For instance, they came out openly and publicly condemned the proposal to lift the Presidential term limit. In 2017, Bishop Muhiirwa asked Members of Parliament to respect the oaths.

“The word of God must not be played with. The leaders of this country must not joke with the Bible. They held a bible in their right hand and swore to defend the constitution,” he said then.  

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