Christians vote & go home, Mbarara Archbishop says

Mbarara Archbishop His Grace Lambert Bainomugisha has urged Christians to maintain peace as the country heads to an election. 

Delivering his sermon at Nyamitanga Cathedral in Mbarara City on Sunday, Lambert urged Ugandans to participate in the presidential and parliamentary election on Thursday and return home after casting their vote.

“On Thursday we will vote. So go and vote. After voting to go home cook your food, there is tomorrow, there is next year,” he said. He said Christians that have taken the holly sacrament need to stay holly and peaceful.

He urged Christians to pray to the Lord for a peaceful and calm period. 

“We need guidance from the Lord to elect leaders who can steer our nation into the right direction of peace and harmony among the people, leaders who can steer our nation towards progress and development. Leaders who steer clear of corruption and graft of all types and at all levels,” he said.

Mackline Sabiiti, a Christian expressed fear of chaos noting that the violence that has transpired during the campaigns might happen during and after the elections. According to Mackline, she will spend most of her time in the church after casting her vote to pray for peace to prevail after the election in the country.       

There have been numerous calls from politicians for voters to stay at the polling stations after voting to protect their votes. 


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