Bamasaba ask state burial for deceased cultural leader Umukuka

The leadership of the Inzu Ya Masaba, the Bamasaba cultural institution is rooting for a state burial for the deceased Umukuka Bob Saul Kipiro Mushikori.          

The late Mushikori succumbed to diabetes at his residence on Union Road in senior quarters in Mbale City on Monday last week. His body is lying in the Mbale City morgue pending the conclusion of the funeral arrangement.

Mathias Nabutele, the Deputy Prime Minister in Inzu Ya Masaba and the in-charge of the Umukuka’s protocol told Bamasaba in the diaspora during their virtual vigil over the weekend that plans are under way to see that the late Umukuka is accorded a state burial.

He says the Gender Ministry invited the burial committee to Kampala to discuss the burial arrangements for the Umukuka.

He also says they are planning to bury Mushikori in a public place that will serve as a symbol of unity for the Bamasaba. During the vigil, the Bamasaba in the diaspora eulogized the deceased Mushikori and described him as a man who has been welcoming and loving to every person.  

They said that he was key in establishing projects that helped the Bamasaba especially those in the Diaspora. Betty Wokou, the President of North American Masaba Cultural Association described Mushikori as a person who always wanted Unity in the Inzu Ya Masaba.    

Mushkori’s wife Gertrude Mushikori, who is currently in Canada, described the deceased as a loving husband and father who selflessly took care of his family. 

Christine from the United Kingdom said Mushikori’s death should bring Unity in the Inzu Ya Masaba to foster development among the Bamasaba.


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