FDC’s Amuriat arrested in Mpigi, fights off Police OC

Forum for democratic change (FDC)’s Patrick Amuriat has again been arrested and detained at Mpigi police station for sitting on top of his car after fighting with policemen.

The officer in charge of Mpigi police station Elias Twesigye tested Amuriat’s wrath when he tried to grab the presidential aspirant by his hand but he was saved by a group of policemen who intervened to saved their boss from a punch which Amuriat had already swung to box him. 

The furious Amuriat accused the police officers of making fun of the campaign saying that he could not tolerate their behavior. This was at Mpigi police station where the police were trying to lead him into the regional traffic office.

Earlier, the men in uniform had faced a difficult moment to arrest Amuriat as his campaign team together with his security personnel attempted to resist his arrest. Although there was no tear gas or shooting done to calm the situation, the tension was so high that a police patrol number UP 5753 in which Amuriat was taken to the station had to knock a Subaru number UBH 674B breaking its front lights. The police however managed to whisk the presidential aspirant away. 

Katonga Regional Police Officer ASP Sadres Kabuho says that Amuriat had committed an offence which the traffic police could not let go unpunished, the reason he was arrested. She says that the police are processing his papers so that he can be taken to court and face charges.

Today being a Sunday, Amuriat is likely to spend a night in police cells awaiting to be taken to court tomorrow Monday when they (courts) will resume work.

This is the second time Amuriat is being arrested in less than a week. He was last apprehended and detained before he was produced before court in Kakumiro district on Friday. The Mpigi arrest also makes it the ninth time of his arrest since his nomination as a presidential candidate in November last year.

By the time of his arrest, Amuriat had just finished addressing his supporters in Mpigi town in a mini-rally during his campaign tour of Mpigi, Butambala and Gomba districts as the day for elections draws closer. He did not proceed to Butambala and Gomba but he expects to campaign in the two districts on Monday after court.

At Mpigi rally, Amuriat had requested the voters to opt for change come 14th January as they go to cast their votes for president.

He said that his government would not allow foreigners to take up jobs or contracts which can be done by Ugandans.


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