Opposition defections to NRM are “Useless and Meaningless”, says deputy speaker Oulanyah

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah has criticized opposition defections to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party describing it as useless and meaningless.

Oulanyah, who defected from UPC to NRM in 2006, said that the defections are only geared towards monetary benefits from members of the alleged opposition parties especially at this time when the country heads to polls. 

The Deputy Speaker who is also the NRM Vice Chairperson for Northern Uganda and and himself defected from UPC to NRM in 2006, explained that these people are using their purported defections as enterprising avenues for money making. 

Oulanyah who was addressing journalists from the Northern Uganda Media Club (NUMEC) in Gulu City on Friday morning disclosed that some of the defectors have openly demanded for money and material benefits as rewards for their defections citing that he turned down one from Kitgum district after demanding for a bicycle.

He noted that no one should announce his love for the NRM party through a defection noting that it must come from the hearts which in turn attributes to their support for the party. 

His comments come at a time when the NRM is being criticized for state managing defections of thousands of opposition supporters and leaders from Lango, Acholi and West Nile Regions into the party. 

Through Bosco Olak Odoch who is heading the NRM campaign in Acholi and West Nile, more than 2,000 supporters have reportedly defected to the NRM party.

However, some of the defectors like in Amuru, Pader and Omoro failed to prove their affiliations to the old parties. 

Recently Tonny Olanya Olenge the former National Unity Platform (NUP) Coordinator for Northern Uganda who defected to NRM and his counterpart Bosco Ocira Lawino of Nwoya district engaged in bitter quarrels over one million shillings for mobilization given by the NRM.

Caesar Lubangakene, the NUP Spokesperson for Northern Uganda Chapter has also accused the NRM of masterminding opposition defections. 

However, Oulanyah noted that the NRM is sure of a landslide victory since it has over fifteen million supporters compared to the 17 million registered voters. 

Uganda goes to polls on 14th January 2021.

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