Kizza Besigye mobilises support for Virginia in Sheema Municipality

President Kizza Besigye spent the day in Sheema mobilising support for the liberation struggle underway.

Besigye also mobilized support for Sheema Municipality MP Aspirant (FDC) Virginia Plan Mugyenyi, also a Minister in the People’s Government.

Besigye also mobilized support for FDC Presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat to a people that were unhappy that Besigye opted out of elections before Mr. Museveni is defeated.

Besigye said POA was a brave and a charismatic defiant leader that was tasked with the duty to Mobilise through elections and “myself I Mobilise through other means but complimenting each other”.

“POA comes from a region that has consistently supported our liberation struggle. Teso, Lango and Acholi have been the most supportive of the struggle, fiercely opposing Museveni. At some point, at some point, Teso delivered over 15 opposition MPs and POA was one of those high calibre leaders from the region”, Besigye said while addressing supporters at Kanekye cell.

Besigye reiterated every where he moved through Kanekye, Rwanyamukina, Kyabandara, Rwamujojo, Nyarweshama and Kihunda that the liberation struggle going on is to subdue gun rule.

At Kabwobe and Itendero, Police and Military blocked the planned meetings resorting to use of teargas and live ammunition to disperse supporters.

Virginia Plan Mugyenyi promised to neutralize NRM in Sheema and restore dignity of people lost to the two NRM leaders Elioda Tumwesigye and Kateshumba.

At one Point, Kizza Besigye was given a rabbit for his resilience in the struggle.

Credits: Ronald Muhinda

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