UPC to revive Mulungushi club to target youths

Uganda People’s Congress-UPC party has revived the Mulungushi Club through, which it seeks to recruit youths into its ranks. Mulungushi Club was started by former presidents, Apolo Milton Obote of Uganda, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Julius Kambarage Nyerere of Tanzania in 1969 to push their pan African agenda.  

Sharon Oyat Arachi, the UPC party spokesperson, says they have devised new strategies of mobilizing and recruit youths into the party through Mulungushi Club because they hold the future for the party. She says one of the strategies is to increase youth participation in all party activities with guidance from the old guards.

She says that Mulungushi Club that was re-launched at Makerere University has already helped bring new members and well-wishers who come to buy membership cards to support the party activities. Arachi says this will help them improve their participation and present a presidential candidate in the 2026 polls.

Similarly, in 2011 UPC created training and awareness programs for youth in Northern, Central, Western and Eastern Uganda to engage them in serious grassroots mobilization and sensitization of their local community through the District party structures about the party policies.  

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