Uganda 2021: We shall prioritize mindset change, says Gen Muntu

The Alliance for National Transformation – ANT presidential candidate Gregory Mugisha Muntu has told the people of Kashenshero Town council in Mitooma District that once elected president of the country, he will prioritize mindset change among Ugandans.

Muntu said on Wednesday that the methods used by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni have crushed the spirits and mindset of Ugandans to the extent of not believing in themselves.

He says Ugandans have the capability of becoming rich through exploiting the God-given resources but because they no longer believe in themselves they have been lowered to a level of begging.

Muntu says president Museveni giving three hundred thousand shillings to Ugandans at Village level to share is making them real beggars. “To reduce them to a level where they think their worth is what is less the cost of a chicken they own is the saddest thing that has to happen to our country, ” says Muntu.

He says physical infrastructure like power, roads, hospitals and educational institutions are easy to put in place but the mindset of the people has been crushed to a level of thinking that the government has no capability to provide them.

He says changing the people’s mindset is one of the biggest tasks that his government will tackle noting that they will have to concentrate on ensuring that; through awareness, sensitization, reeducation to lift people’s mindset to a level where they know they have the capability to be rich again.

Apollo Kakonge, says reducing people to any price is really a mockery because people have no choice noting that they have been neglected by their leaders who have failed to provide services. He says people are living in poverty which is forcing them to become beggars.

Carol Namarah, a resident of Mitooma blames Ugandans for their own problem noting that they have failed to appreciate leaders who have brought services than money.

She says people have lost hope in their leaders who have failed to delivery noting that citizens need civic education to learn their responsibilities and obligations before accepting money for a vote.

Fiona Atukwase, an advocate blames the NRM government for making Ugandans become beggars since they have lost hope and have turned to petty money given by politicians.

Muntu’s words come at a time when Civil Society organisations and politicians have reported that the money being used in politics has increased with few days to election day.

Ugandans will be electing the President and Members of Parliament on the 14th of January 2021.    


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