NOWIP, a women’s group launches an online campaign platform

NOWIP, a women’s group launches an online campaign platform. Whisper Eye Reports

The Network of Women in Politics ( NOWIP) in partnership with Uganda Media Women’s Association (UMWA) and the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) has launched an online platform named “Nowip Press” to promote the political affiliations of Women in Uganda.

In an event held at Hotel African yesterday, the EWIP+Project themed promoting digitized voices of women politics is to focus on women in politics news.

Babirye Liliane the chairperson of Nowip which will run Nowip Press said, The digital platform launched is going to help Women political candidates all around including providing news on women in politics, document their stories, coach the women, and community connection. The network works with all women politicians from all political parties, she emphasized

According to UMWA’s Margaret Sentamu, the Media has failed Uganda, the executive director questioned where the media put the four functions it operates within.

The Nowip Press is made up of a team from the Network of Women in politics. It brings to you E-News to include Electoral Commission updates, news about women in politics, and partner news. It also promotes E-Advocacy through advocacy sessions, E-Women, E-Human rights, E-Rallies, and E-Governance.

It will further conduct E-Trainings on how to use social media as a campaigning tool, and also uses training manuals, and lastly, supports various community women projects.

Among attendance and members of Nowip was female Uganda presidential candidate Ms. Nancy Kalembe, Members of parliament aspirants, councilor aspirants among others.

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