As we condemn police brutality, Bobi Wine must prevail over his men & bring them to order – Akampa Tanbull

I would want to bring my heartfelt sympathies to all those who have lost their loved ones during a fracas between security agencies and supporters or security guards of Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. May their souls rest in Peace and those in the hospital get to recover faster.

We are remaining with few days to January 14th, 2021, where Uganda will be in the general elections to vote for the next batch of leaders, it is likely to be a fragile state of affairs if Uganda Police does not prepare adequately to handle some sections of people professionally and civil enough using minimum force. We hope the leadership will take serious note of this and act accordingly.

The media is also expected to give us balanced coverage than just portraying Uganda police as being the sole perpetrators of violence, give us an all-round coverage, do not frame any party or individual, with too much political activism the media has started playing, It is becoming hard for us the viewers, listeners, and readers to believe your news or who is saying the truth or who is painting a false picture!

There are so many things these NUP guys do to police and the army that the media doesn’t show. For example, these guys allegedly throw stones at Police, remove forcefully police blockades and deflators and these are moving against armed men and women. Hope you saw the way they were throwing stones at the military at Rubaga hospital.

I hope you saw another one where the guy deflated a police tyre using a knife (video clip making rounds on social media), All these, never come to the mainstream media.

NUP wants to play a victim all the time. That is not to downplay the brutality they face but these guys are so daring and it takes patience for these armed guys not to release a bullet.

Just make a similar act in the so called civilised countries in Europe and the USA and see what will happen.

Hon Robert Kyagulanyi, please tell your men to avoid throwing stones at Uganda Police or armed men and women, these are equally their brothers and sisters, they have blood flowing in their veins as much as you do too, and if Ugandans vote for you, you will still need both women and men in uniform so be an example, let discipline within you men be the discipline to inspire all citizens and not to instil fear.

Give hope to Ugandans that we will go through this election without more violence from your men, no confrontation with police or security agencies since almost every Ugandan knows that you are a Presidential candidate, you need to give them hope for the future which NRM and President Museveni are promising to secure.

Ugandans want Peace and this could be one of the reasons they are likely to massively vote Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa come January 14th 2021.

Let us keep calm, Tukumme Endembe! (let keep the peace) Ballot, not Bullet!

AKAMPA Tanbull
Political Analyst
akampabi@gmail. com

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