When praying is not Enough – Fr Anthony Musaala

When so much real evil is dressed up with phrases like ‘securing your future’ ‘law and order’ ‘ COVID rules’, then prayer is not enough, we must act.

When so many otherwise ‘good and intelligent people’ join the NRM, and choose to look away from the gross immoralities being committed by it, then we too must look away from them and not trust them. No person, even with half a brain cell, should tag themselves to a thirty-four-year-old still-born regime, which wants to continue to misrule our country, but which is worse than our worst nightmare.

No catholic, or indeed any spiritual person, should attach themselves to this power-mad, murderous clique, which shamelessly calls itself ‘our government’.Now there is going to be an earthquake of an election, possibly with some violent after-shocks, prophesied by among others, our dear religious leaders of the UJCC.

The reality is that it can’t be stopped! It’s like a big lorry hurtling downhill with no brakes! The best we can do now as opinion leaders is a kind of self-styled emergency civic education, based on why and how we choose leaders. We must urgently explain to our people in these few days left, why it is totally wrong to elect an immoral regime; that is one which has opted for murder, brutality, corruption, theft, nepotism, impunity, lies, and demagoguery, as its modus operandus.

We must explain that it would not just be a political mistake to vote for such, it would be SINFUL, in the proper sense of that word. It would be a grave offence against God and man, for which terrible consequences await us, in this life and the next

So no more sitting on the fence, dear religious leaders. No more appearing to be ‘impartial’.

No more evading an important moral option by averring that “God will save us if we pray”.The people have already judged us, rightly or wrongly, as having let them down, or as having been compromised. How will live with that negative profile in the new Uganda? Actions speak louder than words.

We must now clearly show by word and deed, which political organization is NEVER to be voted for, under any circumstances, and why. That is when praying will become meaningful. In the bible, God commands various people to do certain things.

Moses was asked, to strike the waters of the Red sea, the lepers to show themselves to the priests, the leprous Naaman to wash in the Jordan, Zaccheus to come down from the tree. Apart from praying what is God asking of you now?

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