Uganda Polls : Lukwago runs to court to quash the EC campaign ban in 11 cities

Lukwago runs to court to quash the EC campaign ban in 11 cities. Whisper Eye Reports

According to Kampala lord MAyor Erias Lukwago it is his right as the political head of Kampala to challenge the orders banning political physical campaigns in Kampala and some other cities by Justice Byabakam the EC chairperson.

Lukwago argues that this decision issued in a press conference to indefinitely suspend campaigns was illegal, irrational, and ultra vires and it constitutes an egregious affront of the right to associate, assemble and interface with the electorate and the entire citizenry which is the cornerstone of a free and fair election.

He adds, This decision isn’t backed by any law and whereas we appreciate that Covid-19 is here, the SoPs issued by the Ministry of Health can be adhered to so that the candidates aren’t deprived of their right to disseminate political agenda which constitutes an essential element of the social contract between them and the electorate.

The Lord Mayor has therefore asked Court to quash the decision by the E.C Chairperson and accordingly issue an injunctive order restraining, stopping, and preventing campaign meetings in Kampala.

Last week EC Chairperson announced that’s a body mandated to hold and plan elections it had banned 11 cities from physical campaigns due to advise from the miniutsry of health over increasing cases of the deadly coronavirus pandemic

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