Who does Uganda Police work for? Why portray Museveni as a weak presidential candidate? – Akampa Tanbull

All has been going on well through the festive season not until NUP supporters and Uganda Police got involved into violent fracas.

It is alleged that NUP supporters and their Presidential candidate, Mr Ssentamu Kyagulanyi were intercepted on their way from Kitovu- Masaka to Lwengo where they were to campaign.
The camera man of Ghetto TV, a one Ashraf sustained injuries from a rubber bullet as in the statement released by Spokes person of Uganda Police Afande Enanga even though NUP and Mr Kyagulanyi claim otherwise in their contradicting statements.

Then there is also news making rounds on social media that the body guard of Mr Kyagulanyi was deliberately knocked down by a UPDF truck in Busega, it is sad that Mr Francis Kalibala (R.I.P) was knocked down by a Private Car UBF 850z.

But more unfortunate that a Presidential Candidate Mr Robert Kyagulanyi claims on his tweeter account that Mr Frank was knocked down by a UPDF Truck with number plate H4DF 2382, then in a few minutes National Unity Platform tweeted a different number plate H4DF 2424.

Really, why does NUP leadership want to play on people’s emotions? What are the intentions of giving out or running fake news? Is it deliberate to manipulate people’s emotions and feelings to justify why Uganda MUST vote for you into power? You should build confidence in supporters that you are the change Uganda has been waiting for.

Then to Uganda Police, who exactly do you work for? Your mandate is to keep Law and Order, peacefully and professionally engage NUP supporters to campaign in gazetted areas. If they fail to comply, use teargas to disperse them but not bullets, you are continuously portraying Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as weak Presidential candidate, yet he has a mass support base than any other presidential candidate, Voters will massively vote for him come January 14th 2021 because he has proved to be steady fast with experience to Uganda’s secured future.

We need to sail through these remaining weeks peacefully without any more death or bloodshed.

As well, your mandate as Uganda Police should be to counter fake news that is aimed at inciting violence into Ugandans, issue correct press statements early enough or immediately when incidents happen.

As concerned citizens and NRM supporters we continue to condemn Police brutality and unprofessional un civil conducts mounted on Ugandans.

@AKAMPA Tanbull

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