Uganda Polls: Lawyer Denis Nyombi Presidential campaign trail tales

As the presidential campaigns draw to closure my diary shall not forget;

Patrick Amuriat’s dramatic arrival at the nomination venue. Bear footed . A signature that would define his campaign trail later.
Katumba’s unprecedented marathon from spear to the nomination ground at Kyambogo . A style that would later be part of his campaign strategy.
Mwesige & Mayambala’s unclear candidature. A definition that has stood all through their campaigns.

M7’s early arrival to the nomination ground a symbolic feature of his unquenched thirst for power.
Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert’s candid after nomination speech. A tone that has been the driving shaft through this campaign trail.
Norbert Mao’s dramatic arrival in Kasese. Despite the most splashy motorcade of all campaign times in our history, the Kasese disappointment was the last nail in Mao’s campaign distress.
Muntu . The humble response to his former CIC, after hitting him in his home ground.

On the trail, I will never forget a woman in Kotido who asked the NRM flag bearer how come the promises of 2001 of working in the Moroto Kotido Kabong road are until now the same promises.

I cannot further forget that Henry Tumukunde and Kyagulanyi Sentamu are campaigning but both moving on bail forms . A minimum of three for Kyagulanyi and one for Tumukunde.

The deaths of over 50 Ugandans !!! This is a very unfortunate and sad memory.

Then there’s a guy who carries the Uganda Flag high on a Kyagulanyi trail. No amount of tear gas pulls this flag down hahahahahaha

The Christmas appointment given to the Electoral Commission by Amuriat in a moving handwriting.

The Mbale movie like scene as police and NUP supporters met in a junction.

The tear gas , the bullets, the road side sleep overs , the verbal attacks, the bullet proof , the promises .

This has been a campaign trail worth recalling

No matter the outcome I note the following:

Norbert Mao carries with him the last rags of DP.
Katumba has scored himself a place in history. I didn’t see him reach this far.
Nancy Kalembe (my favorite) has been an inspiring figure to ladies.
Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert. He has put up the most spirited and revolutionary campaigns thought the trail. No presidential candidate in our history has on their very first presidential campaign trail, caused this massive impact .
Museveni team gained strategy at the end of the trail. At the start, the team seemed to have no strategy.

The media has lacked in-depth analysts. It’s been a campaign analysed by the same dynamics and approaches whilst the ground has had so much input to look out for than what many analysts have spoken of.

My projection : the results from Jan 14 electoral day, shall speak volumes to who we are as a nation.

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