EC has no powers to suspend electoral campaigns, MP aspirant Muwada says

EC has no powers to suspend electoral campaigns, MP aspirant Muwada says

Kyadondo East MP NUP flag bearer Hon Muwada Nkunyingi has lashed out to EC decision to suspend Electoral Campaigns in some parts of the country.

Muwada states;

The LAW is clear, Electoral Commission has no powers to declare a blockade to any region or district of Uganda. Justice Byabakama and his proxies are Misguided, being recklessly used to issue illegal,provocative and idle statements at the peak of a must be FREE AND FAIR Electoral Process. Once you attempt to block campaign in some regions you are automatically blocking electoral rights that would affect the legal standard of an acceptable electoral process.

WE SAY NO TO BYABAKAMA RHETORIC for he has no such powers and any such blockade is a reserve of other state organs and if done by any such organ still have legal implication on electoral process. In essence a blockade borders at a state of emergence which has dire legal standards . It seems the state is using various players to escape the embarrassment this election is going to cause them. But we shall keep steadfast .The will of Uganda People must be respected . Human & democratic rights have no exception ,They either allow a free and fair election or quit, The peoples power is electoral in execution .whoever attempts to stand in the middle of change waves will have a story to tell after January 14th. Campaign must be allowed. He adds.

Today Uganda Electoral Commission declared an electoral campaign ban on 11 cities across Uganda including Wakiso.

According to EC it took the advice of the ministry of health over increasing cases of covid-19 to suspend the campaigns.

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