Jacob Oulanyah gives Sh 5M to Lira NUP supporters who defected to NRM

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament who doubles as the NRM’s Vice Chairperson Northern Region has given 5 million Uganda shillings as a package of appreciation to the Lira Ghetto people who defected from NUP to NRM party.

Jacob Oulanya was on Tuesday afternoon in Lira to receive the over 200 Ghetto Youth Leaders who were supporting Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine and his National Unity Platform- NUP party but have crossed to NRM.

The 5M shillings which was to help in establishing an office for the new NRM members was however, shared among the cash amongst themselves. Although on average they should each have got 25,000 shillings, most were given 10,000 shillings.

Speaking shortly after welcoming them to the party, Oulanya who categorized the youths as prodigal sons advised them to stick to NRM and garner support for the party president.  

According to Oulanyah, the youths have thought it wise to join NRM where there are plans to help elevate their lives.

“They called the NUP headquarters to come to their rescue and nobody responded,” said Oulanya. “Other things also happened and the people from the headquarters never responded so this made them to think that the hope we thought was, actually is not, so why don’t we just go back to the old people and see if they can receive us and they begin working with us?” 

The Deputy Speaker added: “I feel their pain and as government there are things we can do immediately and in the long term which is part of what is in the policy of the NRM.”

Martin Odur, the Lira Ghetto Chairperson said only a few members were picked to represent the rest of the Ghetto Youths due to the Covid-19 SOPs. 

According to Odur, they were forced to quit NUP because its party president is playing a game and has no clear agenda for not only the youths but Uganda as a whole.

Odur said, after joining NRM, they are sure of benefiting from the various government programs meant for the youths. 

Meanwhile, Nicolas Mbutu, the Lira Ghetto Ambassador who attended the event is not sure as to whether his members have defected to NRM or not saying his work is to connect the Ghetto youths to developmental programs.

Mbutu who acknowledged that the Ghetto youths for long have been a burden to the members of the community due to harsh conditions they are forced to live is excited that at least the youths have gotten some money.

However, Milton Odongo, the Lira Resident District Commissioner assured the Ghetto champs full security and granted them authority to report any cases of insults and crime falsely levied against them.

He also asked them to rally for more support from other youths for president Museveni.


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