Residents blame lazy leaders for neglecting Myanzi– Kassanda road

Sections of the road joining Myanzi trading center along Mityana-Mubende highway to Kassanda district has remained impassable for now three months. 

Residents say whenever the road is worked on, the over 20kilometer stretch takes a short before the murrum and stones are washed away. 

Norman Ssewante, a Boda boda cyclist says that he is forced to charge Shillings 5000 for a journey, which would ideally cost low as Shillings 2000. 

Herbert Jjemba, a resident of Lusolo village in Kamuli Sub County where the section is worse, says that although it is evident that there is need to install culverts to make the road motorable but none was installed. He says that it is time for voters to eject leaders who have failed to ensure proper works.

A group of youths have now taken advantage of two bad spots to get money from motorists to help them push vehicles and motorcycles, which cannot make it through. They change between Shillings 1000 and 5000 depending on the type of vehicle or motorcycle in need of their assistance.

Juliet Bukirwa, a resident believes that the bad state of the road is a clear manifestation that the current regime has failed to serve them and there is need for change.   

Farouk Namusanga, another resident says that many vehicles have got damaged while passing through the muddy stony section yet the alternative route can only handle a few vehicles.   

While on his campaign tour of Mityana, Kasanda and Mubende districts, the Forum for Democratic Change Presidential candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat bumped into the same road section and had to turn his convoy to the alternative route.

He says that as an engineer, his assessment of the road suggests that the problem could be solved without applying too much technicalities. He attributes the persistence of the damage to corruption. 



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