NRM rallies Buganda to receive Museveni in Buganda

The National Resistance Movement party vice chairperson for central region who is also the State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi has revealed that the NRM party presidential candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be rolling out his scientific campaigns in central region effective Monday 21st 2020.

In his media address at the party headquarters, Kiwanda said that the president is going to start his central region campaigns in Mubende district where he will meet a select team of NRM leaders and flag bearers from districts of Mubende, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Mityana and Kasanda.

‘’The president, effective tomorrow Monday 21 will be in central region (Buganda). The first meeting will be on 21st Monday 2020 at 10am in Mubende district and the leaders have already been invited,’’ Kiwanda said.

He adds that the president will head to Mpigi on 22nd where he will meet leaders and flag bearers from districts of Butambala, Mpigi and Gomba.

According to Kiwanda the NRM candidate will be heading to greater Masaka on Wednesday 23rd where he will conduct two scientific meetings, one of which will be in Masaka city and another one will be in Rakai on 24 including districts of Rakai, Kyotera and Lyantonde.

In order to allow the party cadres and the rest of the community members to have a peaceful Christmas. The president will take a break on 25th, 26thand 27th 

‘’We want all Ugandans to celebrate and enjoy the birth of Jesus Christ. The president is therefore taking a three-day break to allow the party cadres and the rest of the community members to have very peaceful Christmas,’’ Kiwanda said, adding that, the campaign trail will then resume on Monday  28th in Mukono where the president will meet and address leaders from Kayunga, Mukono, Buikwe and Buvuma districts.

On 29, Kiwanda said, the president will have the last meeting in Wakiso before entering Kampala. ‘’This is regarded almost like a sub region because it has four Municipalities, three constituencies and the most populous district in central.’’

The president will then be in Kampala on 30 and 31 and the programme will be communicated.

Kiwanda then asked the members of the public to get ready to receive the president in joyous mood but in total observance of SOPs.

 ‘’I want to call up on all the people of Buganda to get ready to receive H.E the president to receive him with love, with vigour, in all the towns. Even the places the president is not going to visit physically, we call up on all of you to show cause and also to come up with that energy to receive the candidate of the NRM. But remember COVID pandemic is with us and we as NRM we need you live,’’ He said.

‘’We also want to warn against people who want to come in big numbers because we have done everything possible to control the spread of covid pandemic. Do not create processions and all the leaders should refrain from converging people in particular areas. Celebrate from wherever you are, Kiwanda warned.

In Buganda, according to Kiwanda, there are over 5.5 million voters and the NRM target is 3.8 million votes in this region which is about 75%. 

The region also has over 30 districts, two cities that is Masaka and Kampala. And the president is going to have over eight scientific meetings in the region.

According to the NRM campaign programme the president began from Luwero, West Nile, Acholi, Lango, Karimoja, Teso, Bukedi, Busoga, and then western region. The president is now concluding in Bunyoro awaiting Buganda region effective Monday.

Source: NRM

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