The under 35 years will vote President Museveni Massively – AKAMPA Tanbull

The under 35 years will vote President Museveni Massively!

Well, I want to take this opportunity to welcome students who have been at School especially the candidates of A’level, A’level and those from different Universities, other tertiary institutions respectively, those who have graduated, congratulations not forgetting my Old boys and Old girls at Uganda Martyrs University (UMU), we meet in the field.

Parents and guardians, thank you for being so committed and dedicated towards securing your Children’s future amidst the COVID19 hard and challenging period.

Now that your children have come back home, please let them know that COVID19 is still here and it has killed many Ugandans and others are in different hospitals fighting for their dears lives. They should avoid crowded places, keep at home, keep social distance, wash hands as well ware their masks when you send them to the market or shops.

We are in campaigning period, let them not go to rallies for any candidate, they can follow the candidates of choice on Television and radio stations as well social media or new digital platforms like @NRM online, YouthAgendaUg2021, #KisanjaMoja4Museveni #YellowTv among others., President Museveni and NRM at large we are working on securing their future and the future MUST find them alive and healthy in order to enjoy their hard earned fruits of education whether they will choose to employ themselves in the private sector or even those who will make it into Public service, they MUST be alive.
NRM under President Yoweli Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa will continue to create more jobs and wealth by enabling more people take advantage of the existing socioeconomic infrastructure- roads, electricity and ICT to create jobs and wealth. Simply because jobs and wealth put money into people’s pockets, food on the table, ensures savings for the future and investment in income generating activities.

We (NRM under President Museveni) have identified four sectors for jobs and wealth creation through commercial agriculture, industrialization, services, information and communications Technology (ICT).

On 14th January 2021, you have reasons to come out in big numbers and give another 5 years mandate to Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa as your President so that he continues to promote commercial agriculture as opposed to the unprofitable subsistence farming. Small- scale and medium -scale farmers will be supported to select enterprises with higher returns per acre annually, this should take into accounts the youth who have no land or capital, Through Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), and the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), NRM will supply farm in puts to farmers includinding identifying specific youth in agriculture per parish as model farmers. NRM will further invest in extension services in the area of modern agriculture practices.

The key sectors of Uganda’s economy, especially agriculture and ICT, have endured through the COVID19 pandemic. For example coffee exports grew despite the pandemic, which triggered a lockdown. The April 2020 figures show growth compared to a year ago, confirming that agriculture is strong and essential.

Since most of our young people are in the era, online marketing, selling and buying, shopping has equally increased thus creating more jobs but more also sources of incomes to our people. We now need to promote our Ugandan products as well to hit larger portions in as far as online presence or visibility and marketability is concerned and this we will achieve in 2021-2026 given the mandate of Ugandans.

Uganda weathered the storm because of Government’s appropriate actions including earlier promotion of Private sector-led growth.

In the next 5 years, NRM will continue to prioritize industrialization and its pace doubled with initiatives to attract more investments in agro-processing to add value to primary products.

In addition, the abundant deposits of different minerals will be harnessed to support mineral-led industrialization, creating revenues and jobs. We will further more, advance the Buy Uganda, Build Uganda (BUBU) policy in order to grow local manufacturing as opposed to the importation of foreign products.

The NRM Government will capitalize the Uganda Development Bank (UDB) to enable entrepreneurs engaged in services sectors, ICT, Industries and commercial agriculture to access low-interest loans. ( refer to page 14 of the NRM Manifesto 2021-2026)

More industrial hubs for youth will be constructed, innovation funds specifically targeting the youth innovators and investors will be given special top priority.

Therefore, the under 35 years of age, have all reasons to support and vote President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa come 14th January 2021, because NRM is the only political party that has a clear plan and strategy to secure the future of this generation.

We will break down sector by sector with in the NRM’s Manifesto in the coming remaining days until elections so as to enable all youth out there to be able to digest into what the future holds.

Let us keep peace during the election period and we should avoid to be used as elements of violence.

Ballot not Bullet! Tukume edembe!

AKAMPA Tanbull
Political analyst

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