Exclusive: Ambassador Nabeta burial only for invites & Zoom

Exclusive: Ambassador Nabeta burial only for invites & Zoom. Whisper Eye Reports

There’s a tension between the demands of a crisis and people’s spiritual needs when burying their loved ones in Uganda.

Whisper Eye has learnt that Ambassador Nabeta will be buried only by invites and those intending to follow program should do so on Zoom.

The former Ambassador would have wished to enjoy a send off just like any other tradition one but the current crisis does not permit people to choose the style of their departure.

Mr Nabeta, who died of covid-19 on 14th Monday December 2020 , will be buried by only a few people who are invited by the family.

The Late Nabeeta Funeral program indicating his burial will only be for invites

The diplomat will be buried on Sunday 20th December 2020.

According to the program seen by Whisper Eye Stephen Solomon Nabeta funeral service & farewell will be held at Sonia’s Garden Zana which he founded.

Unfortunately due to covid-19 protocols , attendance is by invite only and zoom that will also be shared live on YouTube

Those intending to celebrate his life by delivering flowers and amabugo should be delivered to 0786532868 in the interest of charity named Sonia Nabeeta Foundation .

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