Christian leaders thank Muslim Hon Kasolo for building churches in Kyotera

Christian leaders thank Muslim Hon Kasolo for building churches in Kyotera.

People in Kyotera County at the beginning of the week came out and condemned the act by Hon Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, the State Minister for Microfinance and the Member of Parliament Kyotera County for going against about the Muslim laws.

It is said that under his NGO known as Kasolo Foundation, the Member of Parliament and Minister has helped in uplifting the youths in Kyotera in different projects and among them was providing piglets for them to enroll in piggery.

Being a Muslim, many Muslims in Kyotera said this was not right but but religious leaders came out to defend Hon Kasolo. According to Sabakiristu Kyotera, it is not good to discriminate between religion, tribe and colour because we are all one. He went on and said that if a Muslim comes out to help Christians, it means he has done it with a decision coming from his heart.

Hon Kasolo through his Foundation has contributed to the construction of churches in Kyotera and among these include Byerima, Kabwoko, Bugere, Kakunyu COU, Kyanika, Kifuuta, Kibanda and St Victoro Kalisizo among others. Hon Kasolo says that being a Muslim, he was born by a Christian mother so when he helps Christians, he is also helping his mother.

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