Museveni is still here! By: AKAMPA Tanbull

Well, I know many of my colleagues in Civil society and some of my friends in opposition would not want to hear or even read this truth. Please stop hiding your heads in the sand! The opposition we see is not yet ready to take charge. They are instead struggling for recognition, funds from donors and jobs, this is the struggle they are in! Ask yourself why they failed to front one candidate against Mr Tibuhaburwa if at all he is the problem they claim they want to liberate Ugandans from?!!

But the fact is, YKM-Tibuhaburwa, is still a President of Uganda and come 14th January 2020, Ugandans will come out in big numbers and vote for him massively for another term of office, whether it is his last or second last, it will be a topic for discussion in or after 2026.

Look at the way opposition flag bearers for members of Parliament are abandoning their parties especially National Unity Platform( NUP), FDC, ANT, DP, UPC and others, all yarning to join the mass party National Resistance Movement (NRM) and publicly announcing to support Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, from Nyoya, to Busia, to Kibale to Ntungamo…the rate at which people are crossing from opposition to NRM is really a world record breaker thus giving Mr Museveni an extra added advantage to win.

The propaganda moving around by the opposition that the elections will not be free and fair will not help, because Ugandans have opened their eyes and they can tell who has a vision and more committed to Uganda’s and East Africa’s cause as well Africa at large, they know who is capable of continuing with the mantle as opposition perhaps organizes better, Ugandans can tell which political party will have more members of Parliament, More LC5 Chairpersons, more Municipal Mayors and Town Council Mayors, more Youth leaders and councilors- if this is not a force to reckon with and a clear indicator that Mr Museveni will win the January 14th 2020 election, which other indicators do you need?

By the way, if you are saying this election will be a sham election, why then should the opposition figures like Gen Mugisha Muntu, Mr POA, Gen Tumukunde, a full Pastor like Mr Kabuleta, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, Chairman Mao…waste their time to participate in an election they clearly know is a sham! Are they not real jokers?!

In Rukungiri for example, Museveni will win massively given the fact that out of the 4 positions for members of Parliament that is to say Hon Jim Muhwezi for Rujumbura, Dr Rutahigwa for Municipality, Hon Mary Paula for Rubabo and Hon Midius Kaharata for District Woman Member of Parliament will most likely be taken by NRM candidates including Chairman LC5 position which will be won by Mr Godfrey Kyomukama and the fact that Dr Kizza Besigye is still entangled in solving the puzzle of Plan B, his influence on Rukungiri voters has now dwindled, he is now just a political activist like me!

Even the lower level positions lime town councils and sub county leadership is highly dominated by NRM leaders. Therefore, let us focus on securing the future as we prepare for a peaceful transition.

We therefore call upon youth not to be used as tools of violence during campaigns and even on January 14th, let us keep peace, aim for ballot not bullet, the future of Uganda is for us to take charge and determine, influence the kind of Uganda we want with or without President Museveni.

We choose Peace, dialogue over violence, The future MUST find you and me alive!

AKAMPA Tanbull
Political activist.
National Coordinator: #KisanjaMoja4Museveni

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