UgPolls: The time for rallies will come, Museveni cautions public against Covid-19 as he winds up campaigns in Kigezi

President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni, who is also the NRM presidential flag bearer, has wound his campaign leg in the Kigezi sub-region.

The President who held several scientific meetings with NRM leaders and youth representative from the region christened the ‘Switzerland of Africa’, climaxed his engagements with leaders from Rukungiri and Kanungu districts at Rukungiri Boma grounds in Rukungiri Municipality.

Speaking of his heroic welcome to the town, Museveni apologized for not stopping to greet and wave at his supporters, saying he was doing it as a precautionary measure to prevent them from contracting Coronavirus. 

“It is a pity that I could not stop to address you or stand to wave to you. It is not that I don’t like you but it is for the benefit of each one of us that we keep away from gatherings. I don’t want you to contract the virus,”Museveni said.

He noted that when time is right for rallies and gatherings in large numbers, he would freely interact with the party supporters.

“Everything has its own time. Time for rallies will come but for now I will use radio and it is advantageous because it reaches many people at the same time.”

The NRM presidential candidate applauded the party supporters for the heroic welcome but noted that the people need to engage in wealth creation with a proper calculation to help fend off poverty.

Museveni also reminded the NRM leaders to always focus on problems of their people and not their tribes or religion.

“Don’t focus so much on tribes and religion or else you will be false prophets.

 While growing up, the three people who helped me study were not of my tribe. There was Walusimbi and Mpanga, both Baganda and one white man who used to buy my father’s cows and that’s how he got my school fees,”Museveni said.

“Up to now I don’t know if any of them was of my religion. The people who buy milk from Banyankole are not their fellow Banyankole but other people from Kampala. Don’t look at things with tribe and religious lenses.”

He noted that by focusing on problems affecting people, the NRM leaders would help improve their areas other than focusing on sectarian lines.

The NRM presidential flag bearer emphasized East African integration that he said would help provide a wider market for Uganda’s surplus goods.

The Kigezi leaders later donated a spear, shield, stool and ceremonial chair to President Museveni.

The President will tomorrow, Tuesday begin his scientific campaign leg in Kasese with a series of scientific meetings with NRM leaders in the area.

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