Uganda peaceful transition of power can’t be achieved without Museveni in the picture – Akampa Tanbull

Uganda peaceful transition of power can’t be achieved without Museveni in the picture – Akampa Tanbull

Well, there are different school of thoughts and talks on the streets by different opposition political figures to manipulate Ugandans into believing that they are fighting Museveni’s government because he has overstayed as a top CEO, the number one office of the land.

They go further to labour on telling lies that they are after a peaceful transition from President Museveni to any one of them, yet themselves have failed to agree on having joint Presidential candidate against Mr Museveni! What a joke!

One fact they (opposition) forgets is that NRM under President Museveni’s chairmanship has so far won over 75% in the Youth and elderly structures, already has over 12 an opposed members of Parliament and over 85 constituencies where opposition will not win.

Actually from the look of things, opposition more divided in Uganda than never before, for example in some areas opposition especially NUP and FDC have fronted more than 2 candidates for the same constituency, Look at Kawempe South, Kawempe North, Lubaga, Nakawa West, Nakawa East…among others.

This clearly shows that opposition is merely struggling for positions/jobs than liberating Ugandans as they claim, thus the only group that had a strong cause and conviction to liberate Uganda was/is that group of selfless Ugandans who came with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, even when some of his colleagues like Gen Mugisha Muntu, Gen Tumukunde, Col Dr Kizza Besigye parted way, this is part of life’s journey, given the fact that life is supposed to be lived in a dynamic way. It is not static as some people would want to assume.

More so, Ugandans have continued to open their eyes and reflect on who has a sense of direction to move Uganda forward and come 14th January 2021, people will cast their votes and the winner will be declared and announced, If I were to bet, I would put all my bets + odds on Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, he will take us into more five years as we prepare for a peaceful transition of power, which I believe will be democratically done.

This business of opposition figures like Col Dr Kizza Besigye, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (Bobi Wine) and others threatening to take Mr Museveni to ICC (International Criminal Court) is just a waste of time! The more you threaten some one who holds power as well his family with death threats, the more you inspire them to democratically lead and keep power. There is no man on planet earth who would simply coil his tail, fold hands and give away power when his family is being threatened by those who don’t like his ideas, deeds, works or those greedy to take over his position of power and influence.

As a student of Democracy and Development, I have read from Democracy as a Freedom by Amarty Sen, power is struggled for and MUST be kept through a struggle and not to be given away on a silver platter!

My advise to the opposition in Uganda especially NUP, FDC among others, is that take time to organize better if you really want to take over from NRM or President Museveni, he is far ahead and no opposition figure can match with his way of doing things, in terms of vision, courage, determination and commitment, the reason I am KisanjaMoja4Museveni

In my next article, will tell you why the under 35 will vote for YKMuseveni and my message to fellow youth under 35 is that, A liberation struggle is beyond colors, tribe, religion. Put on your red or blue T-shirt and I put on my yellow T-shirt, we walk on streets freely and agree to disagree but not to fight one another, neither should it be about violence. We should aim at ballot not bullet as Ugandans, we are all brothers and Sisters. Tukume edembe!

AKAMPA Tanbull (National Coordinator- Youth Agenda 2021).

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