Only Museveni can guarantee us peace to run our businesses, Arua Park traders tell NRM

The NRM party Director for Mobilisation, Cadre Development and Recruitment, Hon. Mathias Kasamba has urged traders in Arua Park and Nebbi park in Kampala to embark on mobilising for President Museveni ahead of the January 2021 presidential polls.

While meeting a group of West Nile traders under their group named Arua and Nebbi parks Community at the NRM party headquarters, Kasamba asked them to support the National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and engage in mobilisation to enable him win the forth coming elections.

‘’We have now embarked on Kampala-based groupings who are going to assist us to network in different parts of the country, and today we have had West Nile city traders in Arua and Nebbi parks. We agreed with them to get engaged in mobilisation activities not only in Kampala but also back home,’’ Kasamba said.

These traders, he said, have come out very vividly to assure the party that the entire groupings of over 5,000 traders and residents of Kampala hailing from West Nile are going to be mobilised.

‘’These traders have come out in big numbers in their groups; the youth, elderly, women and business community to ensure that we are in touch with them. We are going to compile a list of those and we shall meet all of them and interact to make sure that they are our ambassadors in the mobilisation process,’’ he said.

The chairman Arua Park and Nebbi Park Traders Community Mr. Ahammad Wadri said that as a group, they have decided to render their support to NRM and to the president Museveni and to ensure that they vote for him.

Citing reasons for the decision, Wadri said that they need to secure their place and NRM government is the only guarantor of security they need.

‘’We have decided to support Museveni because we need to secure our place. We do not need the riots, instability and insecurity. The president has done much for us. Most of our people who were in exile in Congo and Sudan have since come back and they are doing their business peacefully because of the peace NRM brought,’’ Wadri said. He also said that before NRM came to power, many of their relatives were killed in cold blood and others lost their property adding that they don’t want such scenarios to happen again.

Mr. Kasamba assured leaders of the Arua park traders community that they will continue collaborating with them in their efforts to drum up support for Museveni.

He, however, said that many other such groups such as people with disabilities, the young people, women, veterans and all the historicals who are already in the NRM structures are going to be brought on board to ensure that the party does not leave anybody behind.

Kasamba said that despite the party candidate meeting only 200 people, the field performance is strong given that the party flagged off scouting team that are running all over the country doing door to door, village by village mobilization, a strategy that is yielding good results.

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