Just In: Buganda names new youth council a head of 2021 general elections, new committee has links with US

Breaking: Buganda Kingdom names new Youth Council a head of 2021 general elections, new committee has links with US. Whisper Eye Reports

Buganda Kingdom today has named a new Buganda Youth Council (BYC) leaders led by a young vibrant Buganda diehard Ssejjengo Barker Moses a head of 2021 general elections.

For so many years ago, Buganda Kingdom has been so influential in Uganda’s political arena, and just for some years ago the impact has been reducing year by year.

However with the new Buganda Youth Council unveiled today at Bulange, Mengo may be one of the best move Buganda Kingdom has had in the last 10 years.

The new Chairperson of the Buganda Youth Council (BYC) Mr Ssejjengo is a well trained leader who was trained by the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) at Makerere University.

His strong love to the Kabaka (King) of Buganda Ronald Muwenda mutebi II, he quited politics and decided to serve his Kabaka.

In the year 2011/12 Mr Ssejjengo was the chairperson of Nkobazambogo Association at Makerere university, at the some time as the Minister for Private Students Affairs.

Due to his humble background from Butambala County, Mr Ssejjengo while at Makerere University fought for the rights of private students and basically the needy ones.

In 2012/13 he was elected the Vice Chairperson of Nkobazambogo Association National.

The post he has served up today and worked tirelessly to improve the social welfare of Buganda youths and make them more productive to the mighty Kingdom in East Africa.

Immediately after graduating from Makerere University, he employed in Buganda Land Bord and in 2018 he was the Employee of the year making him more popular within circles of power at Mengo.

Mr Ssejjengo has good relationship between Buganda Ministers, Royal family, and Kabaka’s subjects both politicians and non politicians.

Reliable sources close to Mengo intimated to Whisper Eye that the new Buganda Leadership has links with United States. And the changes are made to prepare for the waited 2021 general elections.

Others elected on a committee of 12 people are; Batemyeto Ibrahim who is the new Speaker, Namale Vivian who is the Legal Advisor both have a political background, among others.

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