Just In: Armed poachers shoot dead Sgt Matsipa a Uganda Wildlife ranger

Sad: Armed poachers shoot dead Sgt Matsipa a Uganda Wildlife ranger. Whisper Eye Reports

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has announced the death of Sgt Emmanuel Matsipa who was killed by poachers while on duty in Kibale National Park .

Whisper Eye has learnt that Sgt Emmanuel was killed on 5th December 2020.

In a press release by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on Whisper Eye desk , a ranger together with five colleagues were ambushed by about five armed poachers in areas around Kyenjonjo district within Kabale National Park who opened fire killing Sgt Emmanuel instantly .

In the process the team also killed one poacher name withdraw .

Mourning the deceased , the Executive Director of UWA Sam Mwandha described the deceased as a hard working and selfless commander.

Uganda which boost of a vast large wildlife animals under the guide of UWA deals with various poachers who are armed at most intervals.

The deceased had served UWA for 23 years having joined the institution on 1st February 1997 as a tourist guide.

He leaves behind a wife and seven children.

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