Museveni concludes scientific campaigns in Busoga sub-region

President Yoweri Museveni who is also the NRM presidential flag bearer has concluded his scientific campaigns in the Busoga sub-region where he has spent three days.

The NRM presidential candidate who chose to hold meetings instead of mass rallies in order to observe COVID-19 guidelines began his tour of the region on 3rd December 2020 with a meeting for party flag bearers from Bugiri, Namayingo, Bugweri, Namutumba, Iganga and Kaliro before he commissioned the 300-seater MV Sigulu ferry, the largest passenger vessel in Uganda that will connect Namayingo mainland to Sigulu and Lolwe islands in Lake Victoria.

Later on 4th December, 2020, President Museveni addressed a strategic scientific meeting of selected NRM leaders and flag bearers from the districts of Jinja, Luuka, Mayuge and Jinja city at Dam waters Rugby grounds and later youth from Busoga sub-region.

Speaking on Saturday, 5th December, 2020 as he wound up his tour in Busoga sub-region, Museveni told the party leaders and youths from Kamuli and Buyende districts that Uganda has moved from a vulnerable situation to one where government can do everything it wants.

“I have been giving this message repeatedly wherever I have been going deliberately. You are not just followers of NRM. You are the people who should understand best why people should vote for NRM and not the other groups,”Museveni told the NRM leaders.

He told the people that he is one of the luckiest persons in the whole world because by independence, he was 18 years old and active politically and was therefore able to see everything unfold as the country went into turmoil.

The President, however, told the NRM leaders that despite having money to do whatever it needs, government needs to have priorities on what to do first and what to come later.

“This economy has grown and we have done many things using money from foreigners that NRM attracted here in a clever way.There is nothing we cant do if we priotise it but that means we do this and other things can wait. May be what we should resolve is minimizing consumption and increase spending on development. Once we do this there is nothing we can’t do,” the NRM presidential flag bearer told party leaders from Buyende and Kamuli districts.

Wealth creation

The President told the party leaders and flag bearers that despite government having money to do whatever it takes, there is still a problem of poverty among Ugandans.

Using adages and words from the local dialect, Museveni emphasized that something needs to be done to change the situation of poverty by asking people to work both for their stomachs and pockets but with a calculation.

“When we met in the CEC meeting at Igongo and Chobe, we agreed on a parish based model of wealth creation. I ask you leaders to go back to parish and carry out a census of the homes and how many of them work for only the stomach and how many of them work for both stomachs and their pockets using proper calculation so that we can know how far we have gone. If we dont do that we shall remain in an unstable situation,” he said.

The President, however, emphasized unity among the party leaders and supporters to bring about cohesion of NRM.

Before winding up his campaign meetings  in Kamuli, President Museveni commissioned Lugazi central market in Lugazi Municipality which will  help  offer employ opportunities to many people especially youths and women  in a bid to improve on their household incomes.

The NRM presidential candidate will on Monday, 7th December begin another  scientific campaign leg in the Ankole sub-region.

Source: NRM

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