UGDecides2021: Uganda’s prosperity is because of NRM’s wise decisions- Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has said that on coming to power, the NRM government made key strategic decisions that have given birth to the prosperity that the country is enjoying today. .

Mr Museveni, who is the NRM party flag bearer for the presidency in the 2021 elections was speaking during a meeting with party leaders from districts of Jinja, Luuka, Mayuge at Dam Waters Rugby Grounds in Jinja on Friday. The meeting is part of his campaign tour of Busoga sub-region which started on Thursday. 

“Running society is a science because if you dont do things the right way, you end up with wrong results. By identifying needs of people rather than tribes or religion, we solved many problems,”Museveni said.

Emphasizing the adage, wisdom is better than strength, the President explained that key decisions including privatization and liberalization were taken by the NRM government and that the fruits are being enjoyed by everyone now.

He explained that because of liberalization of the economy and privatization, many foreign investors have realized the ease at which they can make business in Uganda and have as a result invested in the country.

“On top of jobs, we have now got more tax collections than it was in 1986. I am bringing this out to show you how you can do things in a smart way. Because of the right actions of NRM we now have more money than before.”

The President noted that government can now fund every project it wants because money is available, courtesy of the foreign direct investments that bring in a lot of money in revenues.

Citing the Iganga- Kaliro, Nakalama-Mbale, Nyenga-Katosi -Mukono and Kangulumira-Kayunga-Mukono roads, the NRM presidential candidate said these have been tarmacked using government money, noting that many more are coming up.

President Museveni noted that after ensuring stabilization of the economy and increase in revenues, the remaining thing is to budget the money to ensure that each sector gets a fair share.

“For example, if we want more roads done quickly, we can decide to increase their budget but this will mean that we postpone the issue of salary increment. The other issue NRM people should fight is corruption so that the people get the services they deserve.” 

Later in the day, the President met with NRM youth leaders from Busoga sub-region and urged them to embrace government programs like Emyooga and the youth livelihood program as one of the ways to help them fight poverty.

The NRM presidential flag bearer will tomorrow continue with his  scientific meetings in Kamuli.

Source: NRM

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