UPC warns disgruntled members on fake delegates conference

UPC warns disgruntled members on fake delegates conference . Whisper Eye Reports

The leadership of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has issued a warning to a group of individuals who are going around social media announcing that UPC is set to convene a delegates conference this week on 4th December 2020.

Uganda House based party said as he country is fully concentrating on campaigns; there is a group of individuals who go round the social media to announce convening of the .

UPC wrangles emerged after court nullified the leadership of Jimmy Akena which led a group comprised of Peter Walubiri announcing that it had took over the leadership of the party .

The rival faction of UPC always communicates from Omino Tom and recently said it will hold aDelegates Conferences for the UPC leadership.

Mr Muzeyi Faizo , UPC head of media and communications told Whisper Eye that the rival faction should stand duly warned for their actions.

The Party leadership wants to sound a warning to all Regional Vice-chairpersons, Party District Chairpersons, branch leaders and general membership that there is no delegates conference on 4th December 2020 as it is making rounds in the public domain. He said.

And whoever is making this propaganda should stand warned! he added.

We appeal to the Party members to ignore such reckless and irresponsible statements and focus their attention to ongoing campaigns and mobilization for the Party. He continued to state.

He said these self seekers who masquerade to represent the Party, should be totally ignored and we remain focused.

The legitimate Party leadership is in place and fully in control of all-Party matters. Muzeyi emphasised.

However according to Tom Otim , UPC will be convening delegates Conference following the directions of Court of Appeal as stipulated in the Judgement of Justice Elizabeth Musoke, Irene Mulyagonja and Christopher Madrama delivered on the 7th of September 2020, and this shall not be in isolation of the Party Constitution.

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