Updates: Erias Lukwago health worrying , more prayers needed

Updates: Erias Lukwago health worrying , more prayers needed. Whisper Eye Reports

Kampala Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago health suitation still worrying after spending close to a week at Agha Khan hospital in Nairobi , Kenya.

In a detailed statement from his deputy Doreen Nyanjura , the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has registered tremendous improvement following an intensive and comprehensive medical management.

This tremendous improvement follows a collaboration of efforts between Aga Khan Hospital and Nairobi hospital where he is currently admitted. A statement states

According to Nyanjura , Professor Godfrey Lule, a Ugandan consultant physician and Gastroenterologist who is highly sought after in Kenya and Professor Muhindi Wanjugu a consultant Physician and chest expert are leading the medical team that is working on the Lord Mayor.

Lord Mayor suitation detoriatated last week and he was rushed to Nairobi in a critical condition.

His office has called for more prayers for their Lord Mayor who is also facing a popular musicain Jose Chameleone for the re-election for Lord Mayorship post Kampala.

At Whisper Eye we wish him a quick recovery.

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