Police blame dead & injured NUP supporters for riding carelessly

Police blame dead & injured NUP supporters for riding carelessly. Whisper Eye Reports

The National Unity Platform supporters have been blamed for being the main reason for the accident that left some members dead and others injured.

Nagalama police has kicked off with police investigations on what happened today at Mayangayanga along Nagoje road.

NUP leadership blamed a police truck for knocking dead five NUP supporters just after Bobi Wine had addressed his supporters in Nakifuma .

The accident that happened at around 1110 hours involved one Police motor vehicle land cruiser and two motorcycles registration number UDR 448C Bajaj red in colour and another unidentified. KMP PR SP Onyango confirmed.

The two motor cycle riders were ridding carelessly while carrying two passengers and yet the road was slippery rendering them vulnerable to accident. He Said.

The Police car was following them from behind.One of the motor cycle slid and fell under the Police car. Onyango narrates.

One rider fell on the vehicle and unidentified motor cycle mate ridden by unidentified rider escaped with the motor cycle. The outspoken police mouthpiece continues to state.

One victim was rushed to unidentified hospital in serious condition. added SP Patrick Onyango PRO

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