Clash of the Titans: Bobi Wine, Museveni battle! both men to hold parallel addresses at 7 PM

Clash of the Titans: Bobi Wine, Museveni battle! both to hold parallel addresses at 7 PM . Whisper Eye Reports

Incumbent President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will this evening address the nation on the security and the current covid 19 pandemic situation in the country.

President Museveni is expected to issue tough response on the out of hand covid 19 and also react on the security.

According to Don Wanyama the state house press secretary , President Museveni will hold his address at 7 PM

The address will be live on major radios , televisions and social media.

Just hours after state house had confirmed that president Museveni will address the nation at 7pm , The National Unity Platform announced that their presidential candidate Bobi Wine will also hold his address to the nation at 7: 45 PM.

The now sworn enemies both boost a large following on social media .

Media owners under their umbrella known as NAB raised a complaint to UCC last week on why they should be compelled to air president Museveni address during prime time, As many would see it as another campaign strategy which doesn’t favour other presidential candidates .

As for Bobi Wine , his address will be aired live on his Facebook page known as Bobi Wine

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