Big Story: Bobi Wine protests were pre-planned, Museveni

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has come out to comment on Uganda riots that rocked the nation when Bobi Wine was arrested.

The National Resistance Movement presidential candidate was speaking to NRM leaders from Sironko and Bulambuli districts at Masaba Secondary School grounds in Sironko, Museveni said the protests had been pre-planned.“The other day when I was in Karamoja, I heard that some of the groups who have actually been talking about for many months and how they are going to disturb the country.

First of all by provoking and refusing to listen to regulations on this dangerous disease and exposing people to danger,”Museveni said.

The 76 year old President who seemed to be disturbed by the protesters where 50+ people are reportedly were left dead.

Museveni didn’t shy away from mentioning Bobi Wine’s name in the same sentence with the riots.“When the police tried to stop Bobi Wine, the planned riots started people were ringing me in Karamoja that I should stop my meeting but I said no it will be handled.”

Museveni said he was not bothered by the riots because he knew the country has a robust security apparatus that could handle the situation.

The leaders from the area asked Museveni to create two new districts of Elgon and Budadiri from Bulambuli and Sironko.

The President’s campaign meeting in Sironko was also attended by the newly enthroned leader of Bamasaba Cultural Institution, Inzu Ya Masaaba Umukukha III , Dr Mike Mudoma.

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