Big Story: You embezzled funds for Malaria & TB: NUP’s Rubongoya blasts Mike Mukula of NRM

You embezzled funds for Malaria & TB : NUP’s Rubongoya blast Mike Mukula of NRM. Whisper Eye Reports

Capt Mike Mukula the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) vice-chairman for eastern region yesterday made a verbal attack in Bugisu sub-region when he was campaigning for President Museveni.

In a veiled reference to National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu commonly known as Bobi Wine, Mr Mukula on Wednesday said: “Someone with a diploma in Music Dance and Drama [MDD] wants to lead this country called Uganda. This is not a theater.”

In a reply to his reference to Bobi Wine , The Secretary General of NUP Counsel David Lewis Rubongoya took on Mukula in a tweet.

If your good education did not stop you from embezzling funds meant for malaria & TB victims, you have no moral right to criticise a patriotic citizen who is trying to clean up the mess you have created. The fellows are shameless.

People Power Advocacy replied to Lewis tweet by stating , Well said David Lewis Rubongoya. Of all people in Uganda, Mike Mukula should be the last person to criticise anyone about education, before we start exposing his Nasser Road fabricated certificates. Besides, his own candidate failed to produce his academic credentials.

Further, Idi Amin who was a primary school graduate did many things for Uganda better than Mike Mukula’s candidate; Gen.Tibuhaburwa. If we look south of Uganda, Paul Kagame who did not go to any University has done wonders for his country. So Mukula’s argument is a non-starter. He added.

Mike Mukula while minister of state for health was convicted and sentenced to prison for four years accused of embezzling Ugshs 210 million from Global Alliance Vaccination for Immunisation which was meant for people living with HIV(aids) .

He appealed the conviction and was set free by a higher court.

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