Uganda Riots: Bobi Wine speaks out on killings of his supporters

Uganda Riots: Bobi Wine speaks out on killings of his supporters . Whisper Eye Reports

Uganda politician Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has condemned the manner in which Uganda Police and its sister security agencies reacted against free Bobi Wine demonstrations.

Bobi Wine a presidential candidate for National Unity Platform released a statement on Saturday morning which condoled with all those who had been killed ,injured and arrested in the two days of protests that rocked various towns in Uganda.

Hundreds of Uganda counter terrorism police arrested Kyagulanyi from his campaign rally in Luuka district on allegations of breaching the Ministry of health SOPs.

The former Ghetto Kid was detained in the notorious Nalufenya prison in Jinja and was later charged in Iganga town on Friday were he was granted bail amidst celebrations from his supporters .

Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Full Statement

Last evening after reaching home, I watched what has happened for the past three days while I was illegally detained at Nalufenya! It was then that I appreciated the full extent of the brutality meted out on Ugandans by security forces. I watched as armed, non-uniformed gangs roamed the streets of Kampala shooting indiscriminately at unarmed citizens. I watched as they aimed gunshots at buildings without caring who may be hit. I watched as helpless citizens were clobbered by the very people who should keep them safe.

Well, as we prepare to issue a formal statement on the murder and maiming of Ugandans, my thoughts are with those families that lost loved ones. I send my deepest condolences to all of them, and wish those who are wounded a quick recovery. In fact, I learnt last night that two of the dead were personally known to me and were good friends, including a young man who was at a furniture shop and lost his life when soldiers shot directly into his workplace. He died instantly. We are still taking stock of how each of the 37 citizens lost lives and others continue to die in hospitals. Sending our prayers to them, as we also try to reach out to those we can to commiserate with them.

If any Ugandan still had any doubts about why we need FREEDOM, this must communicate to all of us. No one is safe, until we get rid of the tyrant who has lived by the gun! Gen. Museveni is hell-bent on keeping power at whatever cost. He doesn’t mind killing thousands of people to keep in power against the will of the citizens.

Sadly for him, WE THE PEOPLE OF UGANDA are now determined than ever before to get our freedom. Museveni is panicking, yet again trying to subdue the citizens into fear and apathy. But not now. The election is first approaching and despite all these illegalities and violence, we are soon getting our freedom! NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, WILL STOP THE WIND OF CHANGE SWEEPING OVER OUR NATION.


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