Besigye joins free Bobi Wine protests. Whisper Eye Reports

Kizza Besigye the former four-time presidential candidate against president Museveni has joined the Free Bobi Wine protest.

Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu was arrested yesterday by Uganda Counter terrorism police at his rally in Luuka district.

KIzza Besigye has joined presidential candidates that have called for an immediate release of Bobi Wine.

Free Hon Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) NOW, Kizza Besigye appears with a placard on his official social media accounts.

He states, Free Ugandans NOW! Ugandans: remain firm &take actions to end captivity NOW.

INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT: Please process petition of Ugandans; more heinous crimes underway! He added.

The former president of FDC calls upon those funding what he called the rogue NRM/M7 Junta must stop. STOP ODIOUS DEBTS. He firmly states.

The government is yet to officially react on the calls for free Bobi Wine as the presidential candidate is still held at Nalufenya Police Station.

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