Uganda relax Covid19 restrictions, GYM , Casinos free to operate

Uganda government relax Covid19 restrictions, Gym, casinos free to operate. Whisper Eye Reports

Ministry of Health ministry Dr Acheng has announced the opening of gyms, massage parlors, casinos and gaming centers effective Saturday 14 Nov. 2020.

Additionally, we have increased the number of people attending political rallies, processions, weddings, meetings from 70 to not more than 200 people. Dr Acheng said in his statement.

This must be accompanied by strict physical distancing of 2 meters, hand hygiene and wearing a face mask when in public. She added.

According to Minister Acheng the decision to relax restrictions was made following considerable compliance of the SOPs in most schools and places of worship, and from the ongoing epidemiological assessments of the outbreak,.

we have not seen a concomitant increase of transmission related to this. she sated

Considering the phase of the epidemic Uganda is in, with rising cases and deaths in urban areas, suspension on bars and discotheques will continue. Dr Acheng noted.

The Ministry of Health will re-evaluate these activities in due course. In the interim, the owners are advised to explore other businesses like restaurants attached to their premises, which are safer. She said.

She appealed   to the general population to adhere to the preventive measures instituted by H.E the President and the Standard Operating Procedures issued by the Ministry of Health in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Uganda.

Stay safe.

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