Kampala Lord Mayorship race: Joseph Mayanja “ Chameleon” rides boda boda amidst cheers

Joseph Mayanja “Chameleone” buys second hand boda boda. Whisper Eye Reports.

Music Champion Joseph Mayanja popularly known by his stage name Dr Jose Chameleone buy a second hand boda boda for easy mobility in Kampala city.

Singer Mr Mayanja who turned politician and contesting for the post of Kampala Lord Mayor, bought a second hand boda boda to help him reach all suburbs in Kampala.

Joseph Mayanja rides boda boda to Kampala

Yesterday, Mr Mayanja using his boda boda has visited Kanyanya, kyebando, Kisalosalo, Bwaise, Makerere ku bbiri while riding a boda boda.

Kawempe Boda boda riders have endorsed Mr Mayanja for Kampala Lord Mayor 2021.

They have followed him on their boda bodas while asking Kampala city residents to vote him in the forthcoming elections.

Many people have been surprised to see Ugandan Super star singer Chameleone steadily riding a boda boda through Kampala terrible traffic.

Today Mr Mayanja has completed the first phase of visiting all constituencies in Kampala district with a tour in Kawempe north and Kawempe south.

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