Minister Kasolo runs to a traditional shrine to win back his MP seat, businessman Mpalanyi posed to defeat him

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Minister Kasolo runs to a traditional shrine to win back his MP seat, as businessman Mpalanyi posed to defeat him.Whisper Eye Reports

Residents of Kyotera county were shocked after their area MP haji Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo who doubles as the state minister for Micro Finance cries to a witch doctor to save his threatened political career in Kyotera.

Haji Kasolo went to a witch doctor Nnambaga Nansamba who owns a big traditional shrine in Kabaseke village in the newly created Kasaali town council.

Minister haji Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo reported his case to the witch doctor.

An Eye Witness told Whisper Eye news that minister Kasolo praised gods for saving him from his enemies and asked them to protect him go through in the forthcoming elections.

” ‘Jjajja’ (god) you saved me from the stubborn Mugonza and his team when I came here, I do appreciate. Once again there is now this useless man Mpalanyi who is in my way,” says Minister Kasolo infront of his gods, according to the Eye witness.

“They slaughtered two goats and one sheep and two hens,” says an Eye Witness.

According to Nnambaga Nansamba the two goats represents male voters, then the two hens represents female voters and the sheep represents the Electoral Commission (EC) that he (Minister Kasolo) will rig the election and the EC will not react like a sheep.

He was told by his gods to prepare public meals and serve people.

It is said that whoever feeds on the meal and his family are worked upon and vote him (haji Kasolo).

Whisper Eye is reliably informed that the said ‘Mugonza’ in Haji Kasolo’s report to gods is a renown youthful politician,  Mugonza Andrew popularly known as Senator who had shown interest to contest with Minister Kasolo in 2021.

And the ‘Useless man’ is the Democratic Party (DP) flag bearer in Kyotera county called Mpalanyi John Paul Lukwago, who is posed to defeat Haji Kasolo according to the recent opinion polls.

Many residents now fear to be identified as supporters of Minister Kasolo who is the incumbent MP and served two terms in fear of witchcraft.

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