Exclusive: Equal Opportunities Commission Joel Cox Ojuko scrambles to immediately take over the office of EOC chairperson Sylvia Ntambi

By  Whisper Eye 

Exclusive:  Equal Opportunities Commission Joel Cox Ojuko
scrambles  to immediately take over the office of EOC chairperson Sylvia Ntambi. Whisper Eye Reports

Office battle is ranging at the helm of the Equal Opportunities Commission as the Vice Chairperson Joel Cox Ojuko wants badly to takeover and perform the duties of the chairperson of the equal opportunities commission Sylvia Ntambi without any delay.

Ntambi who refused to sign a multi billon tender with Kampala Kingdom which would see EOC pay taxpayers money  207 million shillings monthly to Kingdom Kampala in a rent deal has since been dragged to Anti-corruption court by state house Anti-corruption unit led by Edith Nakalema.

EOC staff who preferred to speak to us anonymously for fear of the sensitiveness of the matter says Sylvia Ntambi  refusal to sign various big fat tenders at EOC involving top cartels  could have sparked off the allegations from whistle blowers to corruption units with one intention to bring her down immediately through being criminally charged and interdicted.

As per Uganda Public Service standing orders of January 2010 she is bound to vacant office after being criminally charged.

Ntambi is yet to take plea after she was reportedly sick and feared poisoned, she is expected in court on the 29th October 2020 to appear before court since she was charged of three counts of corruption related crimes in absentia.

At EOC head offices in Bugolobi , the Vice Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission(EOC) Joel Cox Ojuko is now celebrating the departure of Sylvia Ntambi , Joel Cox Ojuko has immediately asked to take over the duties of the chairperson.

Joel Cox Ojuko Letter

On the 16th October 2020 , the Vice Chairperson of EOC Mr Joel Cox Ojuko peened a letter to the Acting Secretary of the commission and copied to all  members of the EOC concluding that he is now performing the duties of the chairperson Ms Sylva Ntambi.

In a letter titled state of affairs at the EOC the Vice chairperson Mr Joel Cox Ojuko  sounds very geared up to perform the duties of his boss Sylvia Ntambi without any delay.

Joel Cox letter saying he will perform the duties of the EOC as its Chairperson 

Joel who has been in constant meetings with tender agents at Nyumbani Hotel in Kikoni with fatty deals pending the EOC chairperson signatures is ready to take over the authority without any legal backing and sign various deals as acting chairperson .

Our sources indicate that Jox has held several meetings to plan his immediate takeover of EOC .


Last year EOC staff numbering 9 were charged before the anti-corruption court of various counts related to corruption by the state house Anti- Corruption Unit led by Nakalema.

It’s through the investigations that took close to two years that saw the new DPP amend the charge sheet to include the EOC boss with 3 counts.

However the amending of the charge sheet to include the EOC Chairperson still posse many questions  on how the head of unit who is not the accounting officer of the authority could be charged of causing a financial loss to government .

According to our investigations some officials clearly state that Ntambi refusal to grant a multi billion shilling deal to the embattled Kingdom Kampala is at the heart of Ntambi troubles since this deal involved many staff members of the EOC who were to financially benefit.

Its also reported that ever since she refused to sign the deal its when accusation against her started with various online media reporting about her corruption tendencies without even providing any credible evidence . 

Many questions have been raised on how EOC  authority mandated to provide equal opportunities to Ugandans could go ahead to spend 207 millions monthly rent on offices at the lavish Kingdom Kampala.

What the EOC Act Says

Under section 9(2) of the EOC Act, it provides that the Vice-Chairperson shall deputize for the Chairperson and perform such other functions as the Chairperson or the Commission may assign.

As per the EOC Act its only the president who can appoint the chairperson and direct in case the chairperson has been temporally suspended by a criminal investigation

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