Buganda Question as Katikiro Mayiga welcomes Bobi Wine’s bid for presidency

Buganda welcomes Bobi wine’s bid for presidency. Whisper Eye Reports

Uganda’s political temperature at its highest as Kyadondo East MP Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has officially declared his interest to Buganda Kingdom authorities about his intention contest for the presidency of Uganda.

Bobi Wine arrived at Bulange Mengo the administrative seat of Buganda accompanied by  large crowds of his supporters .

Singer turned politician was welcomed by Buganda Kingdom  Political head PM Charles Peter Mayiga in the afternoon hours.

Bobi Wine introduced part of this delegations to PM Charles Peter Mayiga which mainly included his fellow leaders at his newly declared legal political party (NUP) .

Some of those introduced by Bobi Wine are , MP Francis Zaake Butebi, MP Medard Segona, Mp Matthias Mpuuga , MP Sempala Nabilah, Joel Ssenyonyi the NUP Spokesperson  , Muwada Nkunyingi aspirant MP Kyadondo East, Mohammed Ssegirinya Mr Updates among others.

Mr Wine also asked  PM Mayiga to add a voice on what he called  police brutality against him and his fellow supporters throughout Uganda.

Charles Pater Mayiga welcomed Bobi Wine to Bulange and went short of replying his demands. He welcomed Bobi Wine’s bid for presidency and called for a free and fair elections come 2021 elections.

Uganda goes to polls come 2021 as incumbent president Museveni will face stiff competition from Kyadondo East MP Hon Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi for the highest political seat in the land.

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