Breaking! Fire guts Bugwere High School. Whisper Eye Reports.

Massive fire has gutted  dormitories and a sick bay at Bugwere High School Whisper Eye has learnt.

Various reports indicate that the girls dormitory and a sick bay at Bugwere High School have caught fire.

“This evening, our fire fighting teams responded to an incident of fire at the girls dormitory at Bugwere  high school.

Fire was contained though property of the girls dormitory got burnt.

All the students and the rest of the dormitories are safe. The cause of the fire is being investigated” Police said in a statement.

Bugwere high school in Budaka district has caught fire this evening, one dormitory for girls and a sick bay have been reportedly burnt down and the outbreak of fire is not yet known.

Properties like mattresses and boxes for over 100 students have been burnt and all students were outside. 

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