Rapper Rocky Giant endorses President Museveni for 2021 elections

Rapper Rocky Giant endorses President Museveni. Whisper Eye Reports

Uganda’s musician Rocky Giant has endorsed president Museveni for 2021 elections.

Rocky Giant came back to limelight when a video appeared when Butcher Man a self proclaimed Ghetto President was flogging the singer.

Many Ugandans came out condemning Butcher Man acts calling for a quick reaction aganist the brutal acts aganist his fellow singer.

Many thought Rocky Giant would condemn the sad acts mounted on him but he has surprised many when he declined to report Butcher Man to police over the said crimes.

Earlier today Rocky revealed to Ugandans that, 

Am Rocky Giant The King of Hip Hop Force Africa and a loyal servant to my nation my people my country my government and my president. 

I serve Lords and Kings. You got a choice too its my freedom. Learn to respect people’s decisions. Remember that what’sgood for you isn’t for me. he added.

Rocky Giant boosts of songs like Omulembe gwa balasi, Bivuga, Sagala Manga among others.

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