Bobi Wine condemns govt for imprisoning his supporters

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Bobi Wine condemns govt for imprisoning his supporters. Whisper Eye Reports

This week security forces stormed  Bobi Wine’s politcal offices in Kamwokya .

Various reports emerged that the combined security forces were after arresting politcal leaders of NUP the politcal outfit of Bobi Wine.

However today many of those arrested have been charged and sent on remand for various politically related crimes  according to Bobi Wine.

In a facebook post Bobi Wine condemned President Museveni government.

Over 40 NUP members and supporters have been sent to Kitalya and Kigo prisons. Their offence? Supporting NUP and People Power! For dressing in red t-shirts, overalls and berets! For possessing red neckties and red umbrellas! For daring to speak out against a 35 year old military dictatorship. For daring to side with our message of hope and liberation! For standing on the side of the truth!

Over 140 other traders were arrested in Busega, Nateete and other places for selling People Power merchandise. He added.

Let the dictator not sleep sound. Let him not rejoice that these comrades are behind bars. Instead, LET HIM BE VERY WORRIED. His repressive hand is teaching us to be more deliberate, more courageous and more resolved. Bobi Wine said.

Uganda is set for tough elections come 2021.

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