Kawempe North MP Race: Three (3) top NUP senior members eye seat as Ssegirinya leads

In all his previous elections, he has had a smooth ride to Parliament, beating his competitors to represent Kawempe North in Parliament. Whisper Eye Reports

The controversial legislator and the imam of parliament Haji Latif Ssebagaala has been Kawempe North MP since 2001.

In the 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016 Member of Parliament elections, he defeated his political competitors to the seat.

In 2006 for instance, Latif Ssebagala beat his close rival Ssemanda Mohammed Nsanja with a margin of 8226 votes in a race that attracted four contestants.

In 2011, when Latif Ssebagala sought re-election as a DP  candidate for the third term, he trounced the NRM flag bearer, NRM Kyambadde John Andrew. Ssebbagala polled 29,432 votes while Kyambadde John Andrew polled 14,752.

In 2016 Latif returned for the fourth term this time as an independent facing stiff competition from Suleiman Kidandala the official DP candidate he again defeated them.

However, all this seems to have made a u-turn with hanged up with the 52-year-old Latif Ssebagala now facing a tough race to get his fifth term in Parliament.

The MP, who was officially unveiled as NUP flagbearer for Kampala Lord Mayorship has made u-turn to contest for the same MP seat come 2021

Kawempe North, I come to you yet again to offer my dedicated service to you.

As one of the few MPs that supported and actively got involved in the activities of the People Power movement as a Kampala Metropolitan Area Coordinator, I present myself as a member of the National Unity Platform under the stewardship of our party President Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi . said Latif Ssebagala.

Latif Ssebagala faces stiff competition from Mohammed Ssegirinya Ssengendo who was officially declared as the NUP flagbearer now don’t see eye to eye, NUP organising sectary Sulieman Kidandala who 40 NUP councillors decided to back after NUP denying him its ticket.

Others in the race are have little impact but include Robinah Nanyunja of Ecological Party of Uganda. 

Hajji Latif Ssebagala woos

According to Mr Kayemba Emmanuel a political analyst, Hajji Latif will have to fight hard to retain his position since he has confused his people the day he had already declared to contest for Lord Mayorship but made a u-turn to re-contest again as MP on independent ticket.  

“Hajji Latif Ssebagala’s confusion to shun the MP seat for Lord Mayorship Kampala gave his rivals Ssegirinya Mohammed and Sulieman Kidandala a chance to shine and win hearts of Kawempe North residents, Mr Kayemba said.

“Ssegirnya commonly referred to as Mr Updates appeals to both youth and online residents as Suleiman Kidandala appeals to both the youth, local leaders and older electorates and is very organised with high rated organising skills like Hajji Latif Ssebagala some if not many, will still vote for Sulieman than Ssebagaala . ” he said.

Ssegirinya Muhammed who once contested for the same seat as SDP candidate in 2011 faces stiff protest from local leaders who don’t appreciate his works they refer to as a comedy but might play well to his advantage.

Latif Ssebagaala is also accused by a section of voters of having  voted him for so long that its high time they gave someone else a chance.

I had an opportunity to interact with the people who matter the most here in Kawempe North who are none other than the voters.

They were extremely happy about my decision to come back and  represent them as their MP based on the extraordinary service i have provided to them.

Hajji Latif Ssebagala told Whisper Eye during one of our engagements with him recently

Factors That Will Determine Kawempe North MP Race

Kawempe North being one of Kampala top areas with slums , illegal land evictions, the electorate would vote for a leader who would save them from eviction or one who will solve their tenancy land problems and their day to day lives.

Latif has been very instrumental in fighting evictions in the area, he has also been very instrumental in providing scholarships at his Kisasi college schools in the area, some think he uses the free scholarships   issue as a bait to get votes.

What Kawempe North residents say

Suzan a resident in Kawempe says , Latif Ssebagala claims that Museveni has over stayed in power and your main focus is to take him out, but how about you also stand down and support other fellows with which you have the same mission, 20 years in the same position and still yearning for more (Oh goodness)…. Politics is surely a job for most of you.

You have been a good leader, don’t kill your legacy just because of power sit with your heart and retake a rightful decision, said Sophie Kaddunabbi

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