35 years of President Museveni! Time is Up! why those below 35 years of age have more to loose – Akampa Rugaba Tanbull

35 years of President M7! Time is Up! why those below 35 years of age have more to loose- Akampa Rugaba Tanbull.

Well, some musevenists will brand me crazy but I believe we all have a right to speak out what we feel about the affairs of our Country and how we should be Governed!.

I am almost as old as Museveni’s regime, having grown up under one man’s rule, the Alpha and Omega has taught me a lot of lessons and given me experiences to share.

Going to School has not been an easy journey especially some of us from humble backgrounds, you go to Makerere they tell you Tuition has been increased and you MUST pay over 65% before reporting to School, education has now become a privilege for the rich even in public institutions yet one of the responsibilities of Government should be that all Citizens should have access to quality education no matter of their status, whether rich or poor. Quality education is a preserve of the rich thus the gaps between the poor and rich has widened! The rest (poor peasants) will learn tailoring, welding, carpentry even when we all know that Government buys their furniture from abroad!

Their sons and daughters are busy being sent to Israel to learn about oil and gas as well the science of artificial intelligence!

The Health Sector is so wanting to the extent that the Ministers and M7’s family can not trust any of our hospitals. Even when they have used tax payers’ money to Construct the New Mulago Women Hospital and made it private for their own. The likes of Kahengye health centre 2, remain with no medicines, water, electricity and medical personnel. If my fellow peasants are lucky, they will get Panadol (pain Killer) for evert illness! (another reason we want M7 not to stand again for the number one job in the land).

The rapid unemployment, the reason why some parents educate their Children and can’t get a job for over 6 years and they keep paying their rents and maintaining them in Kampala is that they had hopes that one day their children will get jobs, but alas! These guys will not get jobs because the system favours a few families in the Country.( ebyana na abaana). Some one will tell me that unemployment has been made worse by COVID19, forget, that is a lame excuse, the more M7 stays in power, the more unemployment we shall get.

Corruption, yes, there are a few Ugandans nga be wunzise! The will try to confuse the rest of the Country that Corruption is all over the world! Its Trash! Uganda has experienced more poverty during M7’s regime than any where else! Reason being that even those who are sent to courts of Law, are rewarded with political positions because they are royal to the system.

External debt burden, where we are, Ugandans are hiding their heads in the sand, pretending that all is well because they have eaten part of the loans we have borrowed from abroad. As we speak each Ugandan already has a loan of not less 1million hanging on his or her neck and brought by m7’s regime, at the moment our debt burden stands beyond 48.91Trillion, internal and external (Monitor 20th Feb 2020) by next year this figure will be more than that. What are we doing about the future apart from maintaining the status quo, you cant imagine that even your own Children are already in debts!

We will discuss more reasons as to why those below 35 Years of age ought not to vote for Mr M7 come 2021 general elections in our next article but still you can follow the discussions @TheNewMovementUg (Facebook &Twitter)

We want a New Uganda, UgandaEmpya!

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