Military: North Korea stages largest military parade ever

Military: North Korea stages largest military parade ever. Whisper Eye Reports

North Korea prepared the largest military parade in the country’s history to mark 75th anniversary of regime.

At least 32,000 North Korean soldiers have been training for months for the communist party’s 75th anniversary. Cbs news reports.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said it spotted signs that a parade involving large-scale military equipment and personnel took place in the capital Pyongyang but gave no further details.

“There was a sign that North Korea conducted a military parade this morning at Kim Il Sung Square, mobilising large scale equipment and personnel,” it said in a statement.

“South Korea and U.S. intelligence authorities are closely monitoring developments, including for the possibility that it was the main event.”

It was the first time that the parade has been held in the wee hours, and Kim was expected to have attended, a military source told Reuters.

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