Love: Big boss Stuart set to marry long-time girlfriend

Big Eye boss Stuart proposes to sweetheart Mugabe Peace

Big Eye boss Stuart set to marry long time girlfriend . Whisper Eye Reports

Over the weekend Mr Stuart showed the world that he is ready to take the plunge or so it seems.

A romance that started more than six years ago in Kampala blossomed into a marriage proposal over the weekend at Jinja Kingfisher Safari .

And Whisper Eye News was there for the big moment.

This couple started dating after their university , so what better place to propose than far a way from Kampala

“I can’t really talk much. I’m kinda shocked,” Mugabe said moments after Stuart proposed on bended knee and gave her an engagement ring.

Jose Chameleon was behind all the games to land Mugabe Peace unaware .

Little did she know the real reason they were going out was so that her long-time boyfriend could ask her to marry him.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment forever,” Peace was heard telling her boyfriend

“Everything. She means everything to me.” Stuart said.

And of course, she said yes.

They have not set a wedding date, but they hope to be married sometime within the next few months.

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